Perfect coatings through exact feeding

The GTV powder feeder is a refinement of the PT Twin system, which has been known for more than 30 years, and which has proven its value in the field of thermal spraying, and especially for plasma, powder flame, as well as for HVOF applications.


In addition, the feeder is preferentially used in laser applications due to its high feeding accuracy - even at low feed rates.


The special disk feeding principle with powder exhaust guarantees exact and repeatable powder feeding rates. The powder feed rate is linearly proportional to the disk speed.
All standard devices are so-called stand-alone versions, i.e. with their own PLC and display. 

The Siemens display (TP177) in the console front is used to set and display all relevant parameters (such as disk and stirrer speed). The parameters can also be entered via the monitor of the process control panel.

In addition, the standard powder feeder has an interface that can be controlled externally, e.g. by a robot.


The GTV powder feeder includes:

  • Cabinet with keyboard
  • Siemens S7 PLC 1500 (when using scale device S300)
  • Siemens Operating Panel TP 177 (color display and touch screen)
  • Variable area flowmeter for optical control of each feeding line
  • Powder feed units with stirrer device for each feeding line
  • Hopper volume 0.5/1.5/ 5.0 or 8.0 liters available (0.5 version without stirrer)

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Heating mats for powder pots
  • Gas mass flow controller (Argon, nitrogen, helium)
  • Scale system
  • Any special requests

Third-party equipment:

Of course, other powder feeders can also be adapted to GTV equipment on request.


GTV Powder Feeder

The GTV powder feeder has established its position in the surface technology market over the past 20 years. The system is successfully used worldwide for thermal spraying (plasma, powder flame, HVOF spraying) as well as for laser cladding and additive manufacturing. Originally, the feeder was merely a refinement of the previously known PT Twin system. However, it quickly became obvious that the GTV powder feeder has a higher accuracy and reproducibility than its previous version. To date, more than 5,000 units have found their way into the market for the above-mentioned coating technologies.


The GTV PF Powder Feeder consists of an ergonomically designed sheet steel housing, equipped with castors, with a mounting plate for the powder feed units. The construction height of the feeder facilitates, on the one hand, the filling of the hoppers and, on the other hand, the operation of the HMI unit in the front panel. All visible parts are powder-coated or anodized. 

The disk feeding principle (volumetric principle) based on powder spreading / exhausting ensures extremely accurate and repeatable powder feeding rates.


All parameters of the powder feeder are set and displayed using the Siemens HMI type KTP 700 (touch panel with 7" display).


In the standard version, the basic components are designed for a maximum inlet and output pressure of 3.5 bar. Optionally, the system can be designed for max. operating pressures of 15 bar.

GTV Suspension Feeder

The GTV suspension feeder basically consists out of 2 pcs. separate canisters A and B in order to prevent sedimentation of the suspension as well as blocking of the feeding hose connected to the injector due if suspension stops flowing.

While pressurized canister A contains actually the suspension, canister B contains a rinsing fluid (water) which is also pressurized.

The suspension is circulated in pressure canister A by a compressed air driven stirrer in order to prevent sedimentation within the canister. Filling level of both suspension and rinsing fluid is controlled and a minimum filling level is displayed.


The feeding of suspension is generated by an appropriate pressuring and an opening of a proportional exit valve A at the suspension canister A. The suspension is fed to the injector of the gun. The control of the flow is done by the calorimetric principle. The quantity of mass is regulated by the opening level of valve A. For process control and documentation the flow rate can be stored each millisecond.


After stopping the suspension feeding an automatic rinsing cycle is started. The rinsing fluid will be caught in a further canister (waste). This shifting of suspension and rinsing fluid ensures a trouble-free operating process.

GTV Powder Feeder LC

The GTV PF LC (Low Cost) is a low-cost version of the standard PF 2/2 feeder. It consists of a purpose-built sheet steel housing, equipped with swivel castors with a mounting plate for one powder hopper, as well as a storage position for one additional powder hopper (additional hopper not included in the main offer).


Furthermore, the LC version has no PLC for precise control of the disk speed. The feeding accuracy of the volumetric principle is sufficient for a large number of applications. The feeding disks are therefore only controlled via a 24V potentiometer.

The actual speed is indicated via a display. For gas atomized metal powders with good flowability, no stirrer device is required. However, this can be supplied as an optional add-on.


In the standard version, the basic components are designed for a maximum inlet and output pressure of 3.5 bar. Optionally, the system can be designed for max. operating pressures of 15 bar.


GTV EasyFill

Powder filling aid

The newly developed GTV EasyFill System is designed for dust-free emptying of spray powder into the powder hopper of the GTV powder feeder. The filling of the powder is carried out in three quick and easy steps. For detailed instructions on handling, please see our product information.

In the standard version, the filling aid is adapted to the standard GTV 5 kg bottles and can be mounted on all available GTV powder hoppers (0.5 l, 1.5 l, 5.5 l, 8.0 l as well as HP version).


Filling aids for other powder bottles and thread sizes are available on request as well.

GTV powder hoppers

Wide range of configurations for all requirements

The GTV powder feeder can be equipped with different variants of powder hoppers.


The following features can be individually adapted to your requirements:

  • Hoper volume (0.5 l, 1.5 l, 5.5 l, 8.0 l)
  • Fixing clamps for additional fixation for high-pressure processes and for scale use
  • Inspection window for high pressure and 5.5 liter hoppers
  • Color (various anodized colors to choose from)
  • Stirrer (standard, pins, lamella) of suitable size (except for 0.5 liter hopper)
  • Heating pads (on request also for US voltage supply. Stand-alone heating pad unit available for retrofitting).
  • Feeder plate, spreader, exhauster (different setups for various applications, easily exchangeable)
  • Possible operating pressures (max. 1.5 - 15 bar)
  • Level sensor

An overview of the different components can be found in our catalog for optional accessories.