März 2021

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Laser cladding with 316L powder

Presentation 22nd Materials Technology Colloquium 2021


Our presentation to the 22nd Materials Engineering Colloquium 2021 on the topic "Influence of additive material on properties of NbC-reinforced laser cladding coatings on cast iron brake discs" can be found below:

GTV Verschleißschutz GmbH - Laser Cladding 316L (GTV 80.46.1)

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Powder details: 316 L steel (GTV art. no. 80.46.1)
Laser power: 22 kW
Feed rate: 300 g/min
Coating hardness: 220 HV0,3
Surface rate: 8 m2/h
Deposition rate: 90% DE