Brake disc coating

GTV develops coatings for brake discs in numerous cooperations with automotive and brake disc manufacturers. On the one hand, these ensure reliable corrosion protection of the friction surfaces so that no deceleration caused by corrosion occurs during braking processes. On the other hand, the release of brake dust is reduced to a minimum due to high wear resistance.


In addition to thermally sprayed coatings, the focus of interest is currently on coatings applied to gray cast iron base bodies using laser cladding. In order to produce brake discs as cost-effectively as possible, thin layers with homogeneous thickness distribution are produced at the highest possible deposition rate so that the amount of post-processing required is minimized.


Using laser powers of up to 22 kW, deposition rates of up to 16 kg/h are currently achieved. For these safety components, GTV has raised the stability of the laser cladding process to an unprecedented level and developed adapted monitoring tools. In addition, GTV is involved in defining necessary requirements for the pre-machining condition of the friction surfaces and in developing suitable coating powders that prevent the emission of brake dusts that are hazardous to humans and the environment.


Solutions developed at GTV have already been successfully patented by customers. Solutions are also already available for aluminum alloy brake discs.