GTV has a high vertical range of manufacture (own control cabinet construction and mechanical workshop) but of course also its own design and planning department.


Each GTV coating system, center and component is planned, designed and, if necessary, approved by the customer in-house if relevant parts or components are involved. Each coating center is checked for plausibility by a precise layout, in dialogue with the customer.

In detail, the electrical engineering department takes care of the preparation for the manufacture of control and gas cabinets, HMI, powder feeders, power sources and so-called jam boxes.


However, numerous TS torches as well as laser nozzles are also constantly being enhanced and modified. For this purpose, we rely on feedback from the customer, who essentially tests the corresponding parts for stability in his production.


The basis of every turnkey project is a detailed equipment layout, which is already created in our design department during the quotation process and is further specified after the order has been placed. Based on the customer's specifications, electrical design, component manufacture, assembly and commissioning in our assembly hall, preliminary acceptance by the customer, as well as disassembly and shipping take place in the further progress of the project. 


In the end, the final assembly and commissioning as well as a final acceptance under production conditions take place on site. As a reliable partner, we regularly prove that our coating equipment meets customer requirements to the highest extent.