GTV was founded in 1983 by Wolfgang Basseler and Friedhelm Janke, both coming from Perkin Elmer Metco at the time. The early days were challenging. GTV's own products were supposed to be the key to success. More modern equipment and control technology than the market leader - that was the concept.


But this reads easier than it was, because market acceptance for GTV equipment had to develop first. Support came rather involuntarily in the mid-1990s from the main competitor, now known as Sulzer Metco. The merger of Plasmatechnik AG with Metco led to a kind of paralysis in the TS equipment market. Due to the lack of supply from the then market leader, prospective customers had to "switch" to GTV. These "emergency solutions" turned out to be much better than expected.


With the growing number of references, confidence in GTV equipment technology grew. Equipment projects became more and more complex and the challenges bigger and bigger - until a kind of "big bang" in 1999. A large order within the initiative "Käfertal 2000" from ABB - later Alstom  Mannheim - and its successful realization. One thing was clear since then: GTV has everything it takes to become a technology leader! The TS scene paid tribute to it with respect and trust.


Today, after more than 20 years and more than 650 GTV spraying and cladding systems realized, only the "old" GTV employees can remember the challenges of the early days. However, what has remained unchanged until today: The heart and soul of all employees, 15 in number at that time, today almost 100, who are on fire for tackling the challenges of new projects.

"Simple" is something almost anyone can do - we start where others stop, is the motto within GTV. It is always a pleasure to drive forward technological developments together with our customers. This is not always easy - but how great is the sense of achievement when, in the end, everything works as expected or ordered?


So therefore, one of the most important points in our philosophy is to advance the technology of thermal spraying and laser cladding, because this will ensure our continued existence in the long term.



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