New system for particle diagnostics


Particle temperature and velocity are decisive for the formation of the coating and the bonding to the substrate in both thermal spraying and laser cladding. Depending on the wear condition of the torch and nozzle components, these particle state variables may change, which can have a negative effect on the coating process and the coating properties. With the presently available NIR sensor, GTV has already developed a tool that can detect the particle state variables during the process. This helps both in the development of process parameters and in the monitoring of serial processes.


The focus of the ongoing ZIM project is the development of a calibration unit to simulate the particle state variables and to improve the adjustment of the NIR sensor. In this context, the NIR sensor shall be equipped with additional functions, such as a trigger option. The project also focuses on user-friendliness. Here, methods are being developed to improve both the setup effort of the sensor and the evaluation options using software.