GTV quality components

Just as important as the system technology and additive materials is the so-called periphery. Ideal preparation for spraying, maximum cleanliness during coating by removing dust, residual powder or wire particles through the use of an exhaust system are essential factors for an excellent coating result.


A selection of our components for your GTV system:

  • Sound and laser protection cabins
  • Filter systems
  • Grit blasting systems
  • Robots & traversing units
  • Rotary tables
  • Handling benches for TS and LC
  • Heat exchangers / coolers

Other required components such as preheating systems, transfer systems, transport belts, etc. can be implemented individually in projects according to customer requirements.


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Sound and laser protection cabins

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Sound and laser protection cabins protect the equipment operator from sound emission and / or laser radiation. Size and layout are individually adapted to the on-site conditions. Designs with angled sliding doors or hinged doors are possible. Coloring in RAL colors according to customer requirements.

Filter systems

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GTV supplies high-performance filter systems with extraction volume flows from 3,000 m3/h to 20,000 m3/h. The residual dust content of the clean gas side is less than 1mg/Nm3. If required, an ATEX version is possible.

Grit blasting systems

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For perfect preparation of the workpieces, grit blasting systems are available in various designs.

Robots & traversing units

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Today, it is state-of-the-art to use 6-axis robots (with one or more external axes if required) for complex coating applications. These torch manipulators, which are meanwhile available at a reasonable price, have various advantages:

  • High reproducibility
  • High traverse speed
  • High flexibility
  • Complete communication between robot and the equipment controller
  • Offline programming


KUKA, ABB, Fanuc - others on request

Rotary tables

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GTV supplies customized handling systems for your specific requirements and coating applications. The portfolio ranges from cost-effective standard products to heavy-duty designs for large components.


The following variants are available:

  • Rotary table
  • Rotary-tilt table 
  • Satellite table

Different divisions / number of component stations can be realized.


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GTV supplies tailor-made handling systems for any requirement profile or coating application. Roller / shaft spray benches for coating of cylindrical components are available in various designs and lengths.

Heat exchangers / coolers

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GTV supplies suitable coolers for all types of requirements. The water volume required for cooling the torch flows through a closed circuit.


Various models are available for indoor and optionally also outdoor installation.

Power sources / rectifiers

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The GTV DC power source PPC is designed for power supply of a high power arc in the plasma as well as in the arc spray torch.


A secondary clocked inverter based on a fully electronic control is used for stabilization.


The following power sources / rectifiers are available and optimally adjusted to our TS processes: 

  • PPC Plasma
  • PPC Plasma Delta
  • PPC Arc Spray