HIGHTECH PROCESSES in surface technology

Innovative coating processes are our expertise.

Functional principle
Thermal Spraying

In thermal spraying, a melted coating material is accelerated in a gas jet and applied on the component surface. The term "thermal spraying" covers various spraying processes. They are classified according to the type of additive material, the production process or the energy source. The individual thermal spray processes do not compete with each other in their application, but complement each other through their specific process properties.

Functional principle
Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is an additive manufacturing process where a laser beam is used to locally melt the surface of the base material and an additive material, usually in powder form, is simultaneously added to the resulting melt pool. The melt solidifies as a result of a relative movement of the cladding head to the coating.


We love and live the technologies of thermal spraying and laser cladding, because we consider these processes as fascinating and there are always new exciting application areas to develop.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nassenstein

Managing Director